Janssen Brothers Nurseries is a family-run business that has grown to become a highly reputable nursery since it was founded in 1923.
Since 1976, the business has become highly specialized in growing fruit tree rootstocks for apple, pear, cherry and plum trees making it unique within its sector.


Specialization in rootstocks was no coincidence. The nursery's land is situated in the south east of the Netherlands. This is an area that has become fertile rooting ground for rootstocks thanks to centuries of natural composting. An ideal soil for fruitful results!


A team of experts is hard at work at Janssen Brothers Nurseries's modern facilities. They grade, bundle, cut, rinse, pack and dispatch rootstocks using the latest techniques and modern machinery as part of a carefully controlled process. The computer-controlled grading machine can sort to accuracies of 0.1 mm enabling Janssen Brothers Nurseries to supply uniform batches.


Janssen Brothers Nurseries supplies its rootstocks to fruit tree nurseries worldwide. In so doing, it complies with all international environmental and shipment delivery regulations. The tree nursery also takes full account of seasonal differences. Cold storage cells and a freezing unit allow Janssen Brothers Nurseries to supply rootstocks all year round.


Janssen Brothers Nurseries uses carefully controlled packaging techniques to ensure that rootstocks arrive in the same excellent condition as they are shipped. Packaging depends on the means of transportation used and the regulations imposed by the country in question. Janssen Brothers Nurseries does not leave anything to chance with its shipment - large or small. Wherever you are in the world, you will recieve the highest-quality custom delivery possible!