About us

A 100-year-old family-run business

Since it was founded in 1923, the Janssen Brothers Nurseries has grown to become a highly reputable nursery that has been in the family for 100 years. The first generation of Janssens established a company with good prospects for the future!

The second generation of Janssens focused solely on growing fruit tree rootstocks which has been the company’s speciality since 1976. This generation also made it possible for the rootstocks to be exported both inside and outside Europe.

The current generation of Janssens is investing a lot of energy into the continued development of innovations, research into optimal propagation of new high-quality fruit tree rootstocks, and obtaining licensing rights. This involves collaboration within Europe and beyond.

The decision to specialize in fruit tree rootstocks was no coincidence. The company’s land is situated in the south-east of the Netherlands. Thanks to centuries of natural composting, the soil structure in this area provides an ideal basis for excellent growth and good rooting of rootstocks. A good basis for fruitful results!

Working for the company is a team of experts who maintain and look after the stool beds to ensure optimum rootstock growth. They also take care of lifting, grading, root washing, packing, and dispatch using modern machinery and the latest techniques. The computer-controlled grading machine can sort to accuracies of 0.1 mm enabling Janssen Brothers Nurseries to supply uniform batches.

Janssen Brothers Nurseries supplies its rootstocks to fruit tree nurseries around the world. In doing so, it takes into account the differences in seasons. Cold storage cells with accurate climate control allow the company to supply high-quality products early or late in the season.

To ensure that the rootstocks are in the same excellent condition on arrival, the company employs the most carefully controlled packaging techniques. Packaging methods depend on means of transportation and the requirements imposed by the destination country. No matter how large or small the shipment – Janssen leaves nothing to chance.